Monday, January 4, 2016

Providence Hospitality Proud Supporter of Arctic Arts Project

Providence Hospitality continues to support global initiatives which impact our communities locally or globally.  Providence Hospitality is a leading sponsor in the Arctic Arts Project. 

Arctic Arts

The Art of Communicating Change

For good or ill, change is a constant. Environmentally speaking, climate change appears as a rapid course of kinetic evolution. As the human existence is wrapped in questions both profound and complex regarding this change, one question that surfaces for me as an artist is:  What does profound kinetic evolution look like? What is the visual response to these changes in our environment?

The Arctic Arts Project looks to artistically capture the exquisite art and essence of the Arctic change; the colors, the light, the textures, the forces of change that create a sense of visceral beauty within its evolution. The Project intends to create a photographic fine art collection of works that span the northern most hemisphere of our planet.  

Arctic Arts is about inspiring, educating and creatively communicating stories of change within the periarctic regions.


The Arctic Arts Project looks to capture the essence of change in the Arctic through the lens of Kerry Koepping's fine art photography.

Kerry Koepping is an award winning photographer with a passion for the outdoors and the environment. His latest venture will take him to the far reaches of the Arctic. Join him as he seeks to visually capture the essence of change in the Arctic.

Link To Images of The Project: Click Here

Arctic Arts on Facebook: Click Here

Thank You from The Artic Arts Project:

A heartfelt Thank You to the sponsors that got phase one of The Arctic Arts Project off the ground; Providence Hospitality Partners, PENTAX, KoKoWorld Photo by Janet Koelling and Kerry Koepping,and Icelandair.

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