Sunday, April 23, 2017

1883 hospitality.

1883 hospitality

There is a passion required to own and operate a historic hotel, a passion to know the “soul” of the property, the events that created its history, and the essence of the guests that defined its legacy.

The difference between failure and success is as obvious as the difference between managing an old building and operating a historic hotel. This difference is found within the fabric of 1883 hospitality.

With over 20 years experience in operating historic hotels and national landmarks, 1883 Hospitalitysm has the expertise to create a “one-of-a-kind” guest experience.

1883 Hospitalitysm balances each component of the historic hotel experience including, sparkling service, guest education and entertainment, private label merchandising, special events development and exceptional food and beverage offerings to ensure uncompromised guest satisfaction, a heightened willingness to return and maximized profitability to ownership.

If your profitability is a thing of the past, then you need to know the 1883 Hospitalitysm difference.

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In conjunction with one of the foremost authorities on hospitality service and technical training, Providence Hospitality Partners has produced a comprehensive collection of 34 proprietary standard operating procedures, known as the "PHP Way." This collection is divided into two distinctive volumes, one for full service hotels and resorts and the other for select service properties.

To ensure that each 1883 Hospitality operated property has at least the same level of formal procedures as our branded competitors, 1883 HospitalitySM “wrote the book” on training.